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Radio EAR (EHA-530)

Radio EAR (EHA-530)
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Model: EHA-530(Patent Protection Products)


Earphone: monaural or binaural are optional; And many colors and styles are optional

Rechargeable Battery:     battery is Rechargeable Li battery and Capacity is up to 65mAH

Volume up/down: volume can be adjusted by Digital key

Hearing amplification:      You can select by yourself what frequency range sound do you want to amplify according to your hearing loss.

Color:    Black, silver, blue, red, green and gold six colors. And the color of matched earphone is same as hearing aids

Base Performance:

Max Sound Output:    120±5 dB

Max Sound Gain:40 dB

Harmonic Wave Distortion: 1%

Frequency Range:     200~10000 Hz

Input Noise: 30 dB

Working Current: 2 mA

 Additional Function: 
Radio EAR:  it has two base function:
1: act as a normal hearing amplifier,  
2: Act as Radio EAR: It receive FM broadcast signal first and then amplify the sound of FM radio. You can enjoy the amplified radio sound from FM broadcast any time any where.
switch two functions by a toggle switch.

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