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For each hearing aid, we can provide two standard package box:  retailed package box or  gift box.

Retailed package box is made of  paperboard and blister. The products specification is printed on the surface of paperboard. It is fit to sell on the storage racks on the supermarket.

Gift box is beautiful box and will make hearing aids looks more exquisite and upmarket. For different model, the box is not same. We have metal box, plastic box and paper box to let you to select.

For custom package box service, you can send your design drawing of box to us and we will print it for you!

2: Accessories

The accessories of hearing aids has a standard configuration. For examples, the quantity and kinds of battery, the quantity and color of ear plug,quantity and kinds of earphone are fixed. But if you want to make differentiation from your competitor, we also can assist  you. We have many kinds of standard accessories to let you to select.

If you have any questions about package box and accessories, please feel free to contact our sales: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , thanks!

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